My Playlist

 Whats your taste in music? :

I just wanted to share what I basically listen to on Spotify and Soundcloud is you have those apps. If you want to check those out you and while you’re at it send me yours if you can.

headphones listening to music GIF

My taste in much really varies on my mood and what the artist saying in the song lyrically. Mostly pop and just chill music. I hope you like it and I guess just enjoy it.  I hope you have a great day and peace out.


Using the new panorama mode made things really fun. Even if we didn’t have much we just thought of scenarios that either be funny or just are normal to the day as it goes by.This was fun to play with.

Here I am just showing how I feel like soccer got popular after world the cup ended.

The way to use it is very easy:

Make sure you have an object or a person you want multiplied. Using your smartphone going to panorama mode. As you press the button to take the picture as you move . Stop at the middle to use your object or person to duplicate. Then you just keep taking the picture.

mars panorama GIF

My favorites are these because its so cool what can be captured:

Picture #1

Picture #2


whole new world and space

I have moved my bed so many time at a point I want my own room and my own little space. I just had a plan that we install some curtains on the wall to give me the separation that I need and I envisioned I would have a floor lamp.

pivot moving GIF

It took so long for them to install it because the guy kept forgetting and it took like two weeks. I would just have a small table. I just want new sheets for my bed and new pillow cases. We moved my bed and everything and took out the A/C it was getting colder.

pictures that i take

I’ve like the idea just take pictures of nature and random sunsets or tree picture. I just do it because it looks so beautiful in light or in the season that they are in. Even if there is no leafs just the scenery it’s self is like intriguing to me.  I find it pretty when the clouds are fluffy and looks like I can float in it.

picture taking GIF

I do makeup for fun as well and I try to open up to doing more colorful make up looks. I just don’t I am that great but I try my best. If you want to check out what I post here’s the link .

scared april fools GIF by Cheezburger

writing account

I’ve been writing poems since freshman year of college, what motivated me to keep writing is that I needed something to express my emotions and I didn’t really want to tell anyone because I didn’t want them to worry.

bella thorne writing GIF by Midnight Sun

They are mostly about love and just life and how the world look like in my perspective. IN my opinion I feel like the content also the writing that I have posted improved in my description and imagery in my writings. If you want to  check it out here’s the link

upcoming plans

I’m going to have girls day just to relax and have fun for once. Having the day to myself and with my best friend is nice because in how much stress we are having during our week of assignments and finals that are near the corner.

Much beauty skin care cleanser tasha leelyn GIF

Doing mask and just watch movies together. It’s also the holiday season where you have start buying presents while the sales are going on. Hopefully I can find good deals on fuzzy socks and more clothes.