My Final Blog Post

 Time flies this is my final blog post for my CT 101 class:

       I’ve learned how to do various things throughout this semester. I am truly grateful for having this opportunity and it opened up to try new things . I’ve had struggles in doing many things but I tried my best and I even retired to do even if it didn’t look the best. I never knew I would be choosing this class, it was very fun and different in what I take. I really enjoyed how Professor Seslow showed us how we should have in control in what to do but have creativity and be open minded.

Progress and what I’ve learned :

       The first week we were to find our inner happiness and to show what we love to do. Then in the second week we talked about , making my own gifs by using photo shop to creating my favorite memes I made. I have improved so much in how to making either gifs, memes and other things. which is what I was obsessed with. In the third we learned how to make memes. This is my favorite meme of all that I’ve made. I’ve even shared this with my friends which they thought it was so funny. 

   In fourth week we did panorama which gave us to make cool pictures and I never you could do that. The fifth and sixth week we did gif portraits and after that week we tried to make more of it . The last week we did vapor waves where I was struggling but I finally got it. It was worth the while.

    While I’m trying my best, there were some assignments I was struggling on so much because how many steps you have take in addition you can’t be lost in a step or everything else just confuses you more. I was frustrated on making gifs and vapor waves because in how the photoshop was customize for that person who has the class before me. I tried the second time and it was the best I could do and I’m at least proud that I didn’t give just yet even though it consumed so much time. I had extra help from the professor as well as my best friend to get it done.

internet surfing GIF

 No Goodbyes just yet

     I plan to post more just about life and maybe more about what I write that about it . I would probably have a post schedule to either post every Mondays or Saturdays. I want to keep it because I spent lot of time on this website and I customized it in how I wanted it to look. Hopefully it grows many audience to read in what I have to say. I would use this skill to just to have fun with it and show some skills to my friends if they’re interested.

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     In my opinion I deserve an A because I put in so much in to my work and time doing it while revisiting the assignment to retry. I’ve learned and use this platform for myself to just open up and show what I do. Share my personal things as well. I just enjoyed doing it as well like I’m surprise that I could actually make things which people do for a living. It’s very interesting. This isn’t goodbye but this hello to another beginning to my world.