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Hello haven’t posted in awhile but here I am. I tried to get things done throughout this month. Also needed a break for myself to get back to myself and have the realization that I earned it. Can’t for the follow week that coming out it great that we are starting another year. Time has gone by so fast I haven’t even realized.

It going to be

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woah ummm it felt like it was yesterday that i just started my freshman year but I’m a whole adult well and still of course I’m always learning new things. I feel like I have been improve on my writing which I need to get back into again. I have been try to reach out for jobs that would at least give me some experience, hopefully the let me know ahaha.

Planning to go to some of the pop ups in New York , Manhattan upcoming week. Very excited for the pictures that might come up in good quality. Already set up my outfits and prepared just need the train rides . Even a bonus having a great time with my best friend and catching up in person is pure happiness and of course eat food.

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picking my outfit