sunsets and food

I just really enjoy capturing the sunsets the colors of the sky is just beautiful to me. Usually I would randomly look at the sky while I listen to music and see the sky in how it fluffy the cloud it is and I just want to float on it.

hungry fast food GIF by Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

My favorite food which is gyro I can have it anytime and any day .what makes me happy on the internet is mostly just watching vines and meme which can make me laugh most of the time.

This is literally a compilation of two viners I love the most. It’s so funny you guys should check it out .

instagram in my feelings GIF


New Domain Name

Having my first site with my own name ! How cool is that?

web design GIF

My website is probably just going to be more towards on life and just random things hope you enjoy.

excited homer simpson GIF

The experience was very easy and cool. I can’t believe people actually pay so much money just for doing this.

laugh good advice cupcake GIF by BuzzFeed Animation

I hope I get various opportunities out of this. I’ve many people have their own blog post and business website never thought I would be doing this today. I guess this is goodbye to this.

Gif Production

yara shahidi

At this point of this month spooky season has already arrived and the weather isn’t colder yet. I got over my cold and trying to finish midterm essays and studying outlines. It going to rain today I just want to sleep .

new girl ugh GIF

I was struggling and I couldn’t do the moving image for specially on the eyes . Just need more time and I’ve looking for one tool for 30 minutes.  Hopefully I get better.

The Magic OF Gifs

Making this gif was so hard for me and remember the steps. Also that I was having trouble on the layering. This gif is my mood for this week because I have midterms and paper coming through.

The gif was worth it with a lot of effects on it and it look cool.I’m also sick , wish me luck this week because I’m literally coughing in my bed , I’m trying to stay hydrated . I found another way of making a gif which I would link below if you want to check it out .

archie's weird mysteries test GIF by Archie Comics

It took sometimes but I did it !

gif making in pc

GIF portraits

Beyonce’s Twitter

The reason I pick this picture because its a mood for the weekend. I can’t wait to relax because this gif making wasn’t easy as I thought.excuse me wow GIF by Mashable

There are various type of saving and transitioning. At the end of it was very exciting and fun realize that I finally did my first GIF. I excited to make more. I even though there were many steps it was all worth it at the end!!

Spread The Memes

 How do you express yourself?

There are various ways of express your feelings. Many people love to use memes as one so its like an art a lot of people. Using memes to show if youre sad, happy or mad.

happy face GIF by Laurie Rowan

Memes are worldwide and it gives a start to a conversation, it also makes peoples days. Its also another way to kill time and just have fun.

Some of favorites are:

when I get a new hair cut !

black viral moments GIF by PAPER

This is like a everyday mood :

When you just started classes 2 essays are already do less than a week.

black nick young GIF

making gifs

You’re probably like how do you make gifs ? :

Well, do if you think it’s complicated its really not everything happens in a click of a button. Thinking what do you need in order to make one .

thinking patrick GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

List of things you need:

  • Computer
  • snacks and drinks

busy chis sweet home GIF

The website that can be useful is . Have an image or video that you can work with . The rest you can just do it in a click of a button. Just enjoy your giffying and drink your tea.


too tired 2 function

On the first day:

Woke up so early for school and I forgot the date already thinking this class will just make me fall asleep even more . I just wanted to start the fun stuff already . I was trying to rush everything I wanted to know how to make gifs already. I didn’t think it was that simple.

tired tom and jerry GIF

Well, I was totally wrong its such a great class already in how we can just express and do what we want but in time.You can also multitask, while you doing your work even if you’ve finished you can always get ahead of things if you’re behind.

mission accomplished success GIF by THE NEXT STEP

You don’t really need to worry much I guess just keep up the good work and just get better as the days go by. As we see the development in going through now and the end of this semester. Just see what we will learn more in this fall.

chow yun fat yes GIF


loss of time

Today , I’ve learned how to do vapor waves type of design and I failed horribly tried my best . I at least know how to make it gradient on the art board and it’s just practice and this gives us various control of the internet and access in what we want to do in the class. I even asked my friend for help along the way her computer crashed well that made the time even shorter.

frustrated mary tyler moore GIF by HULU

which was frustrating I just played around wit the colors that was shown to see if I can start over in what I was working with at the moment but I still couldn’t place the other picture that I chose of the vapor wave design that I wanted to do. If you want to try this well try it out on this is website to do it . You can always expand in what you want to include in it.

I actually retried to do it again this was my outcome and I’m okay with it just because It consumed so much time again.